Beata Kozak: Each and every text for our first issue of Zadra is ready to print and we are meeting here today to present our readers with what's in store for them, but instead of printing an usual editorial, we've decided on a more unique manner– a conversation.

Edyta Krakowiecka: Which means „where we come from and where we are heading to”.

B.K.: Initially, there was a feminist periodical Pełnym Głosem (In Full Voice). Women Foundation eFKa (us) has published five issues of the magazine irregularly within a couple of years. Now we are introducing our readers to a brand new, more open formula. 

E.K.: One needs to say specifically, what the „new formula” is about. Zadra is going to be published regularly every quarter, and is addressed to both women and men. To those interested in women's status in Poland and all around the world and those particularly interested in feminism. 

Sławomira Walczewska: To those who enjoy exploring the true nature of stereotypes and thinking alone.

B.K.: Yes, it does concern both women and men, indeed.

Anna Nacher: What is Zadra going to be like? Feisty, perverse, rebellious? Indeed. Will it be feisty towards everyone? Not necessairly: Zadra is essentially thought of as a place to talk and share opinions about women's issues right here and right now. The things we find the most interesting are cultural patterns- which very often are like tight corsets for women- and how they manifest themselves explicitly in everything we hear and see. Although...a little bit of subversion... What do you think?

E.K.: Sure, let's speak loudly about the splinter, give it a proper space, take a closer look at. Let it not be too easy, smooth or high-gloss, let it just be a little harsh and different than usual.

S.W.: Nowadays we've found ourselves in such a convenient situation, in which we are able to choose from and read from cover to cover various titles of more serious, universal newspapers, and then, for a change, riffle or take on a train journey some colorful women's newspapers which offer advice on almost every issue that might concern us. Children, facials, appetizers, trends, travel, design and so on.There aren't many of us, women, in worldwide press and, on the other hand, in women's press we are being reduced to „one universal woman”. Zadra treats its readers as human beings of female sex and by that has a great opportunity of meeting women's needs. Women, who we've heard many times complaining about how uncomfortable reading some universal and women's press made them feel.

A.N.: The tittle of the magazine was introduced by a poet Katarzyna Miller, by a fireplace in a suburbian village Wiśniowa near Cracow. Thanks, Kasia.

B.K.: Finally: we do not wish our readers to enjoy their reading, for this is not why we tittled our magazine Zadra (splinter), is it?

E.K.: Fair enough. We wish you to find your reading harsh, feisty, interesting and inspiring!

tanslation: Maria Serafin 



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